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It still hasn’t really hit me. I’m mostly in shock. There will be no funeral, she will be cremated. And I’m in a different continent anyway, and wouldn’t be able to attend. Do funerals help those left behind cope with a person’s death? Or are they just a tradition to honor the deceased? I’m hoping […]

amid violence and chaos, women unite to do what they can to maintain a way of life they can live with (2000-2008). The ways in which women engage in acts of resistance range from everyday simple acts, which when maintained over a period of time, can become transformational and extreme, leading to organised and confrontational […]

Why magazines should let readers know if images have been retouched – Sex, lies, and Photoshop:

love love love. romantic. and the art. inspiring, all-encompassing.  i think i’ll have that someday. meanwhile, i have a different sort of love. it’s wonderful in its own way, of course. but not my idyllic love. love love. love and art so similar, complementary, reinforcing what a movie…really. except there is way too much nudity […]

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these blogs are entertaining, enlightening, informative, and witty. yay for blogs! Penelope Trunk –  she is hilarious, candid, clever, wise, and genuine. truly. Waiter Rant –  funny! a waiter in nyc tells you how it is Pro Blogger – info and tips for hardcore, dedicated bloggers (which i will be once i set up a […]

Thanks to Alex, we now know that birds think a lot like humans. Read about how he shattered the myth that only humans and large primates can reason and think complex thoughts here.