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no one reads this and the void does not know who i am. and for that i am thankful. writing about my pain here is more comforting than keeping it hidden. publishing it, even if nobody sees it, validates my pain. there is my explanation, universe, in case you were wondering. my suicidal thoughts are […]

lately i’ve been burning my kettle – setting it to boil water for tea and completely forgetting about it. all of the water will evaporate and the kettle will become splotched black. today i burned almost 3 cups of chickpeas i was boiling for hummus and cutlets. shit. do i have more shit than usual […]

Why magazines should let readers know if images have been retouched – Sex, lies, and Photoshop:

i work my ass off. i am terrific at what i do. i am painstaking and anal when i copyedit, when i translate, when i write. i am passionate and engaged. but, really, if i’m so stressed out that i have a headache, a knot in my stomach, a furrow in my brow, etc., then […]

shit to do


i have so much shit to do and obviously i am here posting junk instead. i don’t know what that says. but you should tell me if you can read russian. (poster by alexander rodchenko.)

1. the stress-reducing, relaxing effects of yoga 2. the ”earth” video of the ”earth, water, fire yoga series” in particular (as it’s the only one i’ve done so far) 3. AC omg AC 4. iced tea 5. healthy sugar substitutes i am stressed. i shall do at least a little bit of yoga before hitting […]