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no one reads this and the void does not know who i am. and for that i am thankful. writing about my pain here is more comforting than keeping it hidden. publishing it, even if nobody sees it, validates my pain. there is my explanation, universe, in case you were wondering. my suicidal thoughts are […]

Deepak Chopra replies: Relationship Is a Daily Rescue Although the differences between men and women have been much emphasized, there’s one thing that both sexes must do in a relationship: rescue love. Relationships are happy where love is nurtured. They begin to fray around the edges when love is compromised, and they end when love is gone. […]

1. medicated dog food 2. surprise sex (NOT rape). 3. bc 4. the picnic photo editing program 5. living in an apartment on a somewhat high floor

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Sam and Andy spent a lot of time together, mostly lying around entangled in each other’s limbs. They shared comfortable, touchable silences and engaged in occasional debates revolving around culture and discrimination (the subjective clashed with the “objective”), watched movies (one loved horror, the other fantasy) and cooked together (chicken versus Mexican food). Andy was […]