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it took me weeks to get back to her. apparently, we had a [massive] misunderstanding last time we got together. she was there with a bunch of people while the plan was to play basketball, just us. who were they? why wasn’t she greeting me? why was i being ignored? why was i, after 5 […]

i’ve started to think about some people i keep seeing on facebook that i think are tools, or dorks because they try to be cool and it doesn’t fuckin work. at least that is my impression. they are awkward, have bad timing, are annoying, lacking in social skills in general, etc. – and it’s like […]

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these blogs are entertaining, enlightening, informative, and witty. yay for blogs! Penelope Trunk –  she is hilarious, candid, clever, wise, and genuine. truly. Waiter Rant –  funny! a waiter in nyc tells you how it is Pro Blogger – info and tips for hardcore, dedicated bloggers (which i will be once i set up a […]

(Read about this concept.) Being grateful for things every day reminds us that life is wonderful, to appreciate it and everything in it–you, your friends, family, nature, etc.–and thereby be more content, no matter what your situation in life may be. I mean, unless you’re a raped refugee in Congo or a prisoner being tortured […]