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Deepak Chopra replies: Relationship Is a Daily Rescue Although the differences between men and women have been much emphasized, there’s one thing that both sexes must do in a relationship: rescue love. Relationships are happy where love is nurtured. They begin to fray around the edges when love is compromised, and they end when love is gone. […]

cat bliss


purring cat on lap = bliss

1. frisbees 2. not sucking too much at frisbee 3. craigslist 4. making new friends 5. inspiration 6. brain power 7. yoga mats 8. veganism 9. dog love 10. people who pick up their dogs’ poo and properly dispose of it 11. random smiles 12. smiling strangers 13. being able to make purchases over the […]

damn 1. toasters 2. honey 3. the master cleanse 4. beds 5. soft sheets 6. comfortable, fluffy pillows 7. new clients 8. friendly people 9. being taken care of when sick 10. being accompanied even when lying sick in bed ALL day 11. futurama! 12. bit torrent 13. tv+ dvd player 14. flash drives 15. […]

love love love. romantic. and the art. inspiring, all-encompassing.  i think i’ll have that someday. meanwhile, i have a different sort of love. it’s wonderful in its own way, of course. but not my idyllic love. love love. love and art so similar, complementary, reinforcing what a movie…really. except there is way too much nudity […]

for MV


to my best friend my friend a paper came to my hand beautiful, spellbinding women and words that said, “listen and i will too play and i’ll play with you share, dare, and i will help you bear the grrr and nurture grrr will feed us and we will feed us. listen.” i looked over […]

1. learning to love you more 2. falling in love (is today my first time? today is my first time.) 3. hakusai 4. running water 5. feeling free and uninhibited to express myself artistically, personally, emotionally, enrichingly