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no one reads this and the void does not know who i am. and for that i am thankful. writing about my pain here is more comforting than keeping it hidden. publishing it, even if nobody sees it, validates my pain. there is my explanation, universe, in case you were wondering. my suicidal thoughts are […]

– I accept and love myself even though not everybody else in the world does, dammit! – I am here for me me me me first, dammit! – I am grateful, thankful, and appreciative of all the abundance of good and wonderful things in my life, dammit! – I vow to practice taking everything less […]

I’ve been making shit “life decisions” since around the time I graduated from college. It wasn’t that many years ago, but it feels like ages. Law school. Yes. NO! Move back to my native town instead of trying harder to make things right so I don’t have to. NO NO NO! That one really fucked […]

damn 1. toasters 2. honey 3. the master cleanse 4. beds 5. soft sheets 6. comfortable, fluffy pillows 7. new clients 8. friendly people 9. being taken care of when sick 10. being accompanied even when lying sick in bed ALL day 11. futurama! 12. bit torrent 13. tv+ dvd player 14. flash drives 15. […]

10 (or more) things you do to be more eco, eco tips you want to try, or eco goals you have. If you think of more later, you can always do a second note! 1. mellow yellow, let it settle; dark and brown, flush it down! 2. i reuse like crazy 3. public transport + […]

love love love. romantic. and the art. inspiring, all-encompassing.  i think i’ll have that someday. meanwhile, i have a different sort of love. it’s wonderful in its own way, of course. but not my idyllic love. love love. love and art so similar, complementary, reinforcing what a movie…really. except there is way too much nudity […]

i just applied to 6 jobs instead of working on my current assignment because it’s boring… but i AM grateful to have work. the rent needs to get fuckin PAID. and so many other things… it seems like i will be traveling to MX for free in a few months. hit those idyllic beaches, hike […]