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I’ve been making shit “life decisions” since around the time I graduated from college. It wasn’t that many years ago, but it feels like ages. Law school. Yes. NO! Move back to my native town instead of trying harder to make things right so I don’t have to. NO NO NO! That one really fucked […]

wooooo, i haven’t done this in a while. but here we go again. 1. hummus 2. public transportation 3. being able to cover my ears with my fingers and hands to block out noise 4. foot massages 5. naomi’s loving friendship

I’ve started getting more assignments and more clients, and picking up books with more frequency, and received my 3 issues of Bitch magazine in the mail, and got a group going to work out 1-2x/week. And I haven’t felt like even “blogging.” Wow, I’ve been gassy lately (since yesterday–what did I eat?) but Nico just […]

1. frisbees 2. not sucking too much at frisbee 3. craigslist 4. making new friends 5. inspiration 6. brain power 7. yoga mats 8. veganism 9. dog love 10. people who pick up their dogs’ poo and properly dispose of it 11. random smiles 12. smiling strangers 13. being able to make purchases over the […]

for MV


to my best friend my friend a paper came to my hand beautiful, spellbinding women and words that said, “listen and i will too play and i’ll play with you share, dare, and i will help you bear the grrr and nurture grrr will feed us and we will feed us. listen.” i looked over […]

1. presents. because, yes, i still have a materialistic side. and i like new things that i can USE (e.g. clothes i would pick out for myself), not useless trinkets. 2. splendid sunsets and having a terrace and digital camera so i can photograph the beauty. 3. having a rad and talented friend to design […]

1. long lost friends and acquaintances catching up with you via social media! way fun. myspace is so 2003-2006. and now i’m 100% over it. one hundred. although i did get contacted by 2 cool people recently. glad i logged in after so long (like 3 months). 2. mini pizzas 3. notebooks 4. staunch and […]