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It still hasn’t really hit me. I’m mostly in shock. There will be no funeral, she will be cremated. And I’m in a different continent anyway, and wouldn’t be able to attend. Do funerals help those left behind cope with a person’s death? Or are they just a tradition to honor the deceased? I’m hoping […]

I’ve started getting more assignments and more clients, and picking up books with more frequency, and received my 3 issues of Bitch magazine in the mail, and got a group going to work out 1-2x/week. And I haven’t felt like even “blogging.” Wow, I’ve been gassy lately (since yesterday–what did I eat?) but Nico just […]

1. bathrooms on long-distance buses 2. unexpectedly available internet connections 3. people who show support toward my dietary preferences 4. diapers 5. getting history lessons from older family members

family photos


  Pic 1: one of my cousins from my mother’s side, ca. 1981. Pic 2:  my maternal uncle and aunt. I’m away visiting family this weekend, some towns away from mine. I found two photos of my parents, back when they were still together. I hid them in my backpack. They belong on my wall, […]

1. my paternal grandmother. her love. her soft, old skin atop her sturdy bones tightly grasping my hands and rubbing them. i will turn my tears for her usurped life into vindication for the both of us. that, i vow. 2. cardamom 3. baking with sarah 4. scrabble in spanish with sarah 5. blinds to […]