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i am writing a FAQ for my website. the term FAQ faqing bores me, it’s way too overused. and boring, and dull, and bland, and trite, and and and. nobody asks me that many questions, so i’m making all of them up. FAQ my ass. clients just get in touch and say, ” hey, i […]


cat bliss


purring cat on lap = bliss

lately i’ve been burning my kettle – setting it to boil water for tea and completely forgetting about it. all of the water will evaporate and the kettle will become splotched black. today i burned almost 3 cups of chickpeas i was boiling for hummus and cutlets. shit. do i have more shit than usual […]

i just watched Control. it was awful, by which i mean awfully depressing as it showcases ian curtis’s tormented psyche. i don’t know if i can listen to Joy Division anymore.  it was one of my favorite bands. and now listening to it feels like somewhat mocking Ian Curtis’s unbearable pain.he could barely even perform […]

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gas gas gas


3 tablets of brewer’s yeast and 500 mg. of niacin a day makes one REALLY gassy.