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to my best friend my friend a paper came to my hand beautiful, spellbinding women and words that said, “listen and i will too play and i’ll play with you share, dare, and i will help you bear the grrr and nurture grrr will feed us and we will feed us. listen.” i looked over […]

1. listen to bikini kill 2. spend time in nature, i.e. ir a la reserva ecológica 3, comer alfajores, mantecol alfajores de maizena 4. jugar con naomi y nico 5. recibir un masaje 6. watch futurama 7. list things i’m grateful for 8. read jokes, the onion

1. medicated dog food 2. surprise sex (NOT rape). 3. bc 4. the picnic photo editing program 5. living in an apartment on a somewhat high floor

1. bathrooms on long-distance buses 2. unexpectedly available internet connections 3. people who show support toward my dietary preferences 4. diapers 5. getting history lessons from older family members

family photos


  Pic 1: one of my cousins from my mother’s side, ca. 1981. Pic 2:  my maternal uncle and aunt. I’m away visiting family this weekend, some towns away from mine. I found two photos of my parents, back when they were still together. I hid them in my backpack. They belong on my wall, […]



1. presents. because, yes, i still have a materialistic side. and i like new things that i can USE (e.g. clothes i would pick out for myself), not useless trinkets. 2. splendid sunsets and having a terrace and digital camera so i can photograph the beauty. 3. having a rad and talented friend to design […]