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love love love. romantic. and the art. inspiring, all-encompassing.  i think i’ll have that someday. meanwhile, i have a different sort of love. it’s wonderful in its own way, of course. but not my idyllic love. love love. love and art so similar, complementary, reinforcing what a movie…really. except there is way too much nudity […]

He was middle-aged and wore feathers and a frown. It was sunny and cool. His name was Ronald Smith, and he was standing alone cursing at flying seagulls on Lido Beach last Wednesday at sundown. “People were gathering around him, trying to figure out what was going on,” said Marie Oreille, a bystander. “He was […]

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Sam and Andy spent a lot of time together, mostly lying around entangled in each other’s limbs. They shared comfortable, touchable silences and engaged in occasional debates revolving around culture and discrimination (the subjective clashed with the “objective”), watched movies (one loved horror, the other fantasy) and cooked together (chicken versus Mexican food). Andy was […]