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no one reads this and the void does not know who i am. and for that i am thankful. writing about my pain here is more comforting than keeping it hidden. publishing it, even if nobody sees it, validates my pain. there is my explanation, universe, in case you were wondering. my suicidal thoughts are […]

are shit.

It still hasn’t really hit me. I’m mostly in shock. There will be no funeral, she will be cremated. And I’m in a different continent anyway, and wouldn’t be able to attend. Do funerals help those left behind cope with a person’s death? Or are they just a tradition to honor the deceased? I’m hoping […]

wooooo, i haven’t done this in a while. but here we go again. 1. hummus 2. public transportation 3. being able to cover my ears with my fingers and hands to block out noise 4. foot massages 5. naomi’s loving friendship

amid violence and chaos, women unite to do what they can to maintain a way of life they can live with (2000-2008). The ways in which women engage in acts of resistance range from everyday simple acts, which when maintained over a period of time, can become transformational and extreme, leading to organised and confrontational […]

i just applied to 6 jobs instead of working on my current assignment because it’s boring… but i AM grateful to have work. the rent needs to get fuckin PAID. and so many other things… it seems like i will be traveling to MX for free in a few months. hit those idyllic beaches, hike […]