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i have several questions: what do i want? where would i be happiest living and with whom? must i know asap or can i wait and not lose any important opportunities? how do you know before you get there? i am practicing being patient with myself – because, really, why should i know the answers […]

It still hasn’t really hit me. I’m mostly in shock. There will be no funeral, she will be cremated. And I’m in a different continent anyway, and wouldn’t be able to attend. Do funerals help those left behind cope with a person’s death? Or are they just a tradition to honor the deceased? I’m hoping […]

– I accept and love myself even though not everybody else in the world does, dammit! – I am here for me me me me first, dammit! – I am grateful, thankful, and appreciative of all the abundance of good and wonderful things in my life, dammit! – I vow to practice taking everything less […]

I’ve been making shit “life decisions” since around the time I graduated from college. It wasn’t that many years ago, but it feels like ages. Law school. Yes. NO! Move back to my native town instead of trying harder to make things right so I don’t have to. NO NO NO! That one really fucked […]