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Deepak Chopra replies: Relationship Is a Daily Rescue Although the differences between men and women have¬†been much emphasized, there’s one thing that both sexes must do in a relationship: rescue love.¬†Relationships are happy where love is nurtured. They begin to fray around the edges when love is compromised, and they end when love is gone. […]



i am writing a FAQ for my website. the term FAQ faqing bores me, it’s way too overused. and boring, and dull, and bland, and trite, and and and. nobody asks me that many questions, so i’m making all of them up. FAQ my ass. clients just get in touch and say, ” hey, i […]

wooooo, i haven’t done this in a while. but here we go again. 1. hummus 2. public transportation 3. being able to cover my ears with my fingers and hands to block out noise 4. foot massages 5. naomi’s loving friendship