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cat bliss


purring cat on lap = bliss

amid violence and chaos, women unite to do what they can to maintain a way of life they can live with (2000-2008). The ways in which women engage in acts of resistance range from everyday simple acts, which when maintained over a period of time, can become transformational and extreme, leading to organised and confrontational […]

lately i’ve been burning my kettle – setting it to boil water for tea and completely forgetting about it. all of the water will evaporate and the kettle will become splotched black. today i burned almost 3 cups of chickpeas i was boiling for hummus and cutlets. shit. do i have more shit than usual […]

it took me weeks to get back to her. apparently, we had a [massive] misunderstanding last time we got together. she was there with a bunch of people while the plan was to play basketball, just us. who were they? why wasn’t she greeting me? why was i being ignored? why was i, after 5 […]