many small graces

bike culture in denmark

biking culture in denmark is lovely - 40% of people ride their bikes as a mode of transport

i am grateful for –

1. vitamins and minerals available to humans in pill form and over the counter

2. getting invited to people’s houses for dinner

3. socks

4. sneakers

5. shoelaces that don’t get untied easily by themselves

6. nudity

7. privacy

8. silence

9. speakers

10. volume regulation

11. youtube

12. the nyt video op-eds

13. fellow feminists and intelligentsia

14. moisturizer


16. 19th-century women-authored english novels

17. elizabeth gaskell’s novels

18. slippers

19. hoses

20. being able to get wet without worrying about ruining anything int he area

21. online communities

22. search engines

23. awesome photographs on flickr

24. candor

25. honesty

26. people trying again

27. cities in denmark turning their energy supply 100% sustainable by 2015

28. inspiration

29. hope

30. optimism

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