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i just watched Control. it was awful, by which i mean awfully depressing as it showcases ian curtis’s tormented psyche. i don’t know if i can listen to Joy Division anymore.  it was one of my favorite bands. and now listening to it feels like somewhat mocking Ian Curtis’s unbearable pain.he could barely even perform […]

Search Engine Terms These are terms people used to find your blog. Yesterday Search Views dogs fucking women 1 oestrus women 1 untied sneaker 1

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3 tablets of brewer’s yeast and 500 mg. of niacin a day makes one REALLY gassy.

march 25


i haven’t had sex in like a month. i guess i’ve been having sex about once a month. it used to be once a week, and that is low. i just don’t feel like it. it must be my new birth control pillz… unrelated: my bf watches youporn DOT com. wtf. i didn’t even know […]

i am grateful for – 1. vitamins and minerals available to humans in pill form and over the counter 2. getting invited to people’s houses for dinner 3. socks 4. sneakers 5. shoelaces that don’t get untied easily by themselves 6. nudity 7. privacy 8. silence 9. speakers 10. volume regulation 11. youtube 12. the […]

Why magazines should let readers know if images have been retouched – Sex, lies, and Photoshop:

naomi playing with naomi skype good friends! old friends friends who call and care friends who know me well and i know them, whom i can be ME with tofu vegan cookbooks friends to do yoga with new friends kind people mace health food stores health food awareness and resources spacious living quarters patience in […]