Nico, reflections (?) & catching up


I’ve started getting more assignments and more clients, and picking up books with more frequency, and received my 3 issues of Bitch magazine in the mail, and got a group going to work out 1-2x/week. And I haven’t felt like even “blogging.”

Wow, I’ve been gassy lately (since yesterday–what did I eat?) but Nico just let out a colossal stinker.

Nico yawns

Nico yawns

here go my small graces for feb 19-24:

1. women into sports

2. people into meditation

3. performance art

4. bitch magazine (hellYEAH)

5. inspiration

6. free books – see my bf and his pals mass order shit from amazon because intl shipping has gone way up now, so every order is USD 30 PLUS USD 7/book. that is a shitload of money (multiply it by about 3.5, because we ain’t in the states!) anyway they get delivered here and i read em before he hands them out. or i’m trying to.  can’t always get away with it. but i’m hoping to borrow some from said pals once they’re done. the bf said they’d let me. shit, i wouldn’t. “lost” too many books that way. anyway, right now i’m working on imagined communities by benedict arnold. i always thought nationalism was bullshit, completely absurd and moronic like religion. now i can read a theoretical analysis about it. sweet.

Nico getting lotsa love

Nico getting lotsa love

7. and intl delivery. but curse their ominous intl delivery rates!

8. that my bf can afford those rates to buy books he wants, that i can read too, and also books for me, like the one he bought me for my bday, veganomicon ❤ i’ve already made some of the vegan recipes and we are very happy with it. the best chocolate bomb pudding cake recipe ever, though, like i previously posted sometime last month, is on the cooks’ website, the postpunk kitchen. fuck. YES.

8. dog lovers. we found Nico 2 moms and a dad. he will have a yard and be the only doggie in his home. when i found him, poor sweetheart, he was dirty as hell, loaded with ticks, and lonesome lying down on an avenue without food or water. a guy said Nico had been there for 3 days straight. not even water. i called a dog-friendly cab and took him home. that was in november of last year. today, on feb 24, he leaves my home for his permanent new home. he will never go hungry or be unloved again.

9. blogs

10. a reliable and constant internet connection

11. our new wireless router, so that i don’t have to steal wifi anymore when i use my laptop

12. el barrio chino, or the chinese neighborhood. i can now acquire cheap peanut butter and US-imported silken tofu for the chocolate bomb pudding cake recipe. and oolong tea, miso, seaweed, wasabi, relatively cheap coconut milk, and other lovely , uber lovely items. i will make a monthly trip there henceforth.

13. new friends. not just acquaintances, but friends. i have been so picky this past year that my local circle has diminished to a handful of people. and mostly just my bf. esp now that we live together. i no longer go out hunting for cock now that we’re exclusive. so i don’t drink anymore. so why go out? just to a cultural center or whatever, but i buried my nightlife last year.

14. a nice bathtub for bubble baths

15. essential oils (yes, i do many repeats in these lists)

16. ms word

17. that 3/4 of my grandparents are still alive, and 2 of them are still lucid and lead decent lives.

18. that i can choose which family members to pay attention to and interact with

19. that although religions can be poisonous, my uncle is recovering from brain surgery very well because of his obsessive faith. the first person he saw the morning after his brain tumor was extracted was a fellow jehova’s witness nurse, and they prayed together. he’s in excellent shape. a very unexpected turn of events, considering how he scared and anxious he was.

20. that even though one of my grandmas is supposed to die next month, she essentially has nothing left to live for, so it will be for the best. and i hope what i am saying isn’t harrowingly mistaken.

21. my health. my health. my health.

22. my ever-growing skepticism and critical thinking skills

23. google

24. craigslist

25. livejournal, through which i met andrew, who will be arriving this morning to visit me and the city from chicago. internet friends rock.

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