uncoolness and tools


nixon-cambodia-cover-up17nov05i’ve started to think about some people i keep seeing on facebook that i think are tools, or dorks because they try to be cool and it doesn’t fuckin work. at least that is my impression.

they are awkward, have bad timing, are annoying, lacking in social skills in general, etc. – and it’s like they can’t tell, so they don’t do anything to better themselves!

i was browsing through some pictures, slightly feeling sorry for someone and then also feeling glad that said person is happy together with another tool, when i realized something: wait, i lost it.

ok, it came back.

if these people are happy, then who cares if they’re tools? being happy with your life is what matters.

i still don’t want to hang out with people who are tools, but i’ll stop feeling (so?) sorry for them.


One Response to “uncoolness and tools”

  1. Hehehe, great post.

    In the end we are all trying to find happiness. Some people just get mixed up on which directions to take to get there…

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