small graces for the past 7 days




1. toasters

2. honey

3. the master cleanse

4. beds

5. soft sheets

6. comfortable, fluffy pillows

7. new clients

8. friendly people

9. being taken care of when sick

10. being accompanied even when lying sick in bed ALL day

11. futurama!

12. bit torrent

13. tv+ dvd player

14. flash drives

15. recordable dvds


17. layers (clothing)

18. nice big futons

19. couch pillows

20. quiet days

21. affection

22. sweet potato pie

23. being middle class, and therefore priviledged enough to have computers, inet access, and so on

24. being fortunate

25. being conscientious and aware enough to be thankful

26. bath tubs

27. essential oils

28. soft slippers

29. plastic jars

30. informative chain emails

31. abundance

32. having a nice view of the moon most nights

33. forgiveness

34. perseverance

35. leadership skills


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