10 reasons why i’m eco-friendly



10 (or more) things you do to be more eco, eco tips you want to try, or eco goals you have. If you think of more later, you can always do a second note!

1. mellow yellow, let it settle; dark and brown, flush it down!

2. i reuse like crazy

3. public transport + walking!

4. quasi-vegan diet

5. i fight materialism in my life

6. i keep increasing my use of natural/biodegradable ingredients in cleaning supplies, food, etc.

7. i will start taking tupperware and jars to the store to have them refilled with oatmeal, spices, etc. since i buy them in bulk

8. i will wear biodegradable sunscreen when at the beach so as not to harm coral

9. i don’t litter

10. i dumpster dive


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