cashback (feature film, not short)




emily fox

emilia fox, who seems to rule IRL

love love love. romantic. and the art. inspiring, all-encompassing.  i think i’ll have that someday. meanwhile, i have a different sort of love. it’s wonderful in its own way, of course. but not my idyllic love. love love.


and art

so similar, complementary, reinforcing

what a movie…really.

except there is way too much nudity and all the women have hairless models’  bodies. most of us don’t look like that. WE HAVE HAIR. WE HAVE CELLULITE. WE HAVE A PIMPLE NOW AND THEN. BAGS UNDER OUR EYES IF WE DON’T SLEEP FOR A MONTH. srsly. get your ass in gear about that, sean ellis.


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