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I’ve started getting more assignments and more clients, and picking up books with more frequency, and received my 3 issues of Bitch magazine in the mail, and got a group going to work out 1-2x/week. And I haven’t felt like even “blogging.” Wow, I’ve been gassy lately (since yesterday–what did I eat?) but Nico just […]

1. large statues 2. finding things 3. people asking about the little things because they care 4. having enough change for the bus 5. backpacks

1. frisbees 2. not sucking too much at frisbee 3. craigslist 4. making new friends 5. inspiration 6. brain power 7. yoga mats 8. veganism 9. dog love 10. people who pick up their dogs’ poo and properly dispose of it 11. random smiles 12. smiling strangers 13. being able to make purchases over the […]

i’ve started to think about some people i keep seeing on facebook that i think are tools, or dorks because they try to be cool and it doesn’t fuckin work. at least that is my impression. they are awkward, have bad timing, are annoying, lacking in social skills in general, etc. – and it’s like […]

the beach


damn 1. toasters 2. honey 3. the master cleanse 4. beds 5. soft sheets 6. comfortable, fluffy pillows 7. new clients 8. friendly people 9. being taken care of when sick 10. being accompanied even when lying sick in bed ALL day 11. futurama! 12. bit torrent 13. tv+ dvd player 14. flash drives 15. […]