yay work and stuff


yay, i have a new client! i’m curious as to how she found me, but i won’t ask her yet… i’ll be writing for her company’s blog, optimizing her sales letter, writing an intro paragraph for the site, and probably translating the whole thing to english in a few months. awesome. and i didn’t even need to send a cover letter!

gotta work on a contract … keep things clear. i got an account on a web site that gives you invoices to send out to clients. oooh, professional.

saw oliver stone’s W the other night. stone really cut bush a lot of slack. i was hoping the movie would touch on the us govt having to do with 9/11… those fucktards totally did. and josh brolin is way good looking–bush isn’t. it woulda been interesting to learn more about laura bush, but it would’ve detracted from george. the father-son tension was an unexpected little jold throughout the movie. and it included bushisms! haha. nice.

the first Bitch issue i ever read

my second guest post ever is coming out in a blog in 2 weeks. exciting! i’ve started two more, but i think i’ll expand and submit one to bitch magazine. when i was a teen and got each issue delivered at home i wished i was a writer knowledgable and talented enough to be able to write for bitch. and now i am! *joy* getting published in that magazine would be so amazing for me … i’ve been a fan for about 10 years now. i might even let them keep the $100 they pay for feature articles as a donation. we’ll see how i’m doing financially.


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