grace in small things, day 10


1. my paternal grandmother. her love. her soft, old skin atop her sturdy bones tightly grasping my hands and rubbing them. i will turn my tears for her usurped life into vindication for the both of us. that, i vow.

2. cardamom

3. baking with sarah

4. scrabble in spanish with sarah

5. blinds to shield me and my home from the brutality of the afternoon summer sun


about #1 –

i started writing a 1st-person narrative from my paternal grandmother’s POV about her life, or lack of one, due to a patriarchal culture that bound her as a 24/7 maid/cook/mom/secretary for most of her life. and which she resents. which robbed her of her personal potential. i’m sure she had dreams. she had aspirations. and she was prohibited from fulfilling them. her courage was truncated, and she stayed with the man she wanted to leave, she quit the job she wanted to keep because her newly wed husband demanded she did, and so on and so forth.


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