when doing your best is not worth it


i work my ass off. i am terrific at what i do. i am painstaking and anal when i copyedit, when i translate, when i write. i am passionate and engaged.

but, really, if i’m so stressed out that i have a headache, a knot in my stomach, a furrow in my brow, etc., then it’s to my detriment and probably not worthwhile. i’ve got to chillax. about an hour ago i had an epiphany: i could just not do my best this time. i would still do a hell of a job, and the most likely scenario is that nobody would even notice. also, this work is not for a personal client. because of these reasons, not doing my very best will not interfere with my scruples. although i still feel a bit lousy about it.

i just find it weird that i don’t perpetually keep this in mind as an option.

in your erroneous zones, wayne dyer says that ”doing your best” is the wrong way to go because it evokes way too much unecessary pressure. agreed. i have to go buy that book again, because i can’t get it back and i never finished it. it’s so good. a revolutionary way to thinking (to me). i should check out his other work, too… because yoga and meditation can’t fix everything.


in other news, tomorrow is my birthday. i will be baking two vegan cakes i’ve never made before: coffee (a la drake’s coffee cake?) and chocolate bomb (chocholate chocolate chip with chocolate icing). i still haven’t looked up any recipes. whatever.

mmm, caaaaaake …

hold up! just found this. fuck yes, that’s gonna be my bday cake!!

and i’m going to search in here for the coffee cake or a TBD cake.

One Response to “when doing your best is not worth it”

  1. 1 aprilx

    i unwittingly did my best anyway. rats.

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