Grace in Small Things, Day 6


1. the stress-reducing, relaxing effects of yoga

2. the ”earth” video of the ”earth, water, fire yoga series” in particular (as it’s the only one i’ve done so far)

3. AC omg AC

4. iced tea

5. healthy sugar substitutes

i am stressed. i shall do at least a little bit of yoga before hitting the sack, despite how tired i am, so i don’t spend the night with my jaw clenched shut, my teeth eroding away on each other because naomi chewed up my mouth guard and i haven’t replaced it yet. i already did the earth video in full today. but i need more.

i think i’m so stressed, stressed out this much, only because of the piece i’m copyediting. it is long, it is taking a crapload of work because it’s so horribly written (it was written by people who speak english as a second language, and some of the text is superfragilisticlawfully confusing), and i don’t have enough time to go it in a leisurely manner.  that’s right, i said superfragilisticlawfully. and, yes, i made it up.

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