Grace in Small Things, Day 4



Oh, no: I skipped a day! I actually thought about what I would post in here, my 5 points, while on the bus yesterday, but I was so exhausted when I got home that I collapsed around 8pm, something ridiculous like that, and didn’t wake up until 6:30 am.

1. sunblock (which is responsible for my sunburn being limited to small very parts of my body)

2. natural bodies of water

3. genuinely nice and interesting people

4. fans (the kind that cool you off, not potentially sycophantic humans)

5. SLEEP, my sweet love

On a different note, I am considering making this blog about freelancing – writing, copyediting, and translating (SP-EN/EN-SP) in particular, which is what I do for a living. But I really don’t know. I want to keep writing for me, use this pretty ‘lil blog to brainstorm and vent and muse and maybe even experience verbal diarrhea, or, what Simone de Beavoir was accused of by some man and which appears at the beginning of her book ”The Second Sex”(1949) (obviously not in the introduction she, herself, wrote; maybe in the translator’s notes). Speaking of which, I’m still waiting for that 2nd translation a bunch of people I know and I signed to get released faster by the respective publisher! The excuse, I was told, is that the publisher does not think it would be a prolific way to go for them as there isn’t enough interest in the text; but another source indicated that the original publisher has refused to let anyone else print a more recent version (no details given). Anyway, the first translation was done by H.M. Parshley, a biology professor from Smith College with mediocre French skills and little understanding of philosophy. Consequently, while the [long] chapter on biology is accurate, the rest doesn’t measure up, plus Beauvoir’s message is often distorted = FAIL. Come on, we owe her. Or, rather, our shitty sexist society does. So, most people owe her. Because ”one is not born, but rather becomes a woman.” Indeed.

Back to what I was pondering (to blog or not to blog, that is the question), I could always, of course, set up a blog for professional purposes. But, really, who has the time? For a blog to prosper in any way, to be spiritually satisfying, and so on, it needs to be nurtured, which requires time and dedication. For now, I’d rather keep this mine and set up a traditional web site for my clips, etc. I want a space where I can write ”Beauvoir’s message is often distorted = FAIL” and not have it soil my reputation (maybe not soil it, but I doubt it would look good to a prospective employer). For a lot of people, work and fun/freedom/enjoyment do not mix in reality (only in theory, if that). I dread that POV. I do. I want to write silly things (maybe the lyrics to the songs I make up for my dogs) or even post silly videos (maybe my doggy dances), write LOL FTW FAIL ROFTLOLUQYE¿=(TGHDJ.  So, then, I could just make this a private blog, right? See, I would like this dichotomy to morph into something else. It doesn’t have to be black/white, it just is right now. And I want to change it. Because I want to copyedit in my pajamas, drinking my morning latte through a pink swirly straw with crumbs on my lip and a dog on my lap. That’s the stuff. If you’re disciplined and talented, you will get your job done and it will make your employers happy, no matter what you’re wearing or how many adorable dogs you have in the room with you. That’s all there is to it. (Sounds like I’m really into dogs, huh?)


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