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1. the diva cup 2. sulfur 3. yoga 4. multi grain bread 5. new clients!! Advertisements

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these blogs are entertaining, enlightening, informative, and witty. yay for blogs! Penelope Trunk –  she is hilarious, candid, clever, wise, and genuine. truly. Waiter Rant –  funny! a waiter in nyc tells you how it is Pro Blogger – info and tips for hardcore, dedicated bloggers (which i will be once i set up a […]

yay, i have a new client! i’m curious as to how she found me, but i won’t ask her yet… i’ll be writing for her company’s blog, optimizing her sales letter, writing an intro paragraph for the site, and probably translating the whole thing to english in a few months. awesome. and i didn’t even […]

1. facial soap 2. rain clouds 3.  comfortable high chairs 4.  my supportive bf 5. chocolate [soy] milk

Thanks to Alex, we now know that birds think a lot like humans. Read about how he shattered the myth that only humans and large primates can reason and think complex thoughts here.

1. fresh baguettes 2. soy lattes 3. deep sleep 4. being tired all over, from exercise and because it’s time to go to sleep,s o you know when you hit the sack that you’ll be out for a long time! 5. cheap and close-by landromats 6. flip flops 7. cutoffs 8. shutters 9. frozen grapes! […]

1. ice cream delivery 2. “french” feminism 3. gracious and friendly bloggers 4. xkcd 5. AC!!!!